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March 15, 2012
Continued from last week
Peace operation
Traditional peace keeping operation as invented by Pearson and traditional
monitoring peace operation of with consent of the body
Un personnel monitoring (e.g. in Lebanon)
EU dispatch of UN (civilian) personnel to monitor election
Day of election is considered of a day of success a benchmark to evaluate state-
building strategies (of a democracy)
Mistaken concept
May lead to radical outburst or rigged election both triggering more violence
Electoral process is rarely postponed
Haiti: minimalist process
Mission under CHVII use of force
UN May find itself in a situation whereby the use of personnel is obsolete because
they may be a target of an attack
UN has capacity to change mandate to fire back or remove personnel
UN BRIDGING MISSIONS- objective to restore security so UN personnel can return
to carry out their task
Safe haven under UN personnel through ‘humanitarian corridor’
Assisting refugees having suffered casualties
Protective services; a no-fly zone; neutrality shouldn’t be a problem
Condition is a ceasefire, to deploy personnel
Posture of consent may not be the best one;may become a hostage situation
Riley Report; key report as the justification DPKO instrumental in changing from
tradition peacekeeping into UN deployment even if need for use of force
Srebrenica defenseless UN personnel against local forces, leads to threat
Tragedy Mandate that is ill designed and deems the peacekeeping initiative counter-
Chances of success: after Srebrenica PK forces will only be sent under NATO
umbrella not UN exclusive peace keepers
Enthusiasm of peacekeeping has decreased: international capabilities play a huge role
Congo: 18000 PK personnel
Funding to counter armament of warlords a problem in African nations
Sending troops from Europe to Africa costs too much
Key goal in pk operations is to eliminate civil war asap
India is #1 contributor to peacekeeping operation
Peace building triangle
A triangle 3 sided-
Hostility: the level of hostility within country where un PK missing is to be place
- if there was mass human rights atrocities there will be great hostility
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