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Political Science
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Lecture October 22 nd  Eu issues continued  Legal proceedings: o Judiciary o Central bank o Data protection: goal to link all info to single number o Hungary did back down from some of the more troublesome laws on media and appointment of judges; didn’t pull back from everything – everything they tried to do went to the court and they disapproved of almost everything  Hungary lowered the retirement age from 70 to 62 for judges so they almost emptied the courts of judges and opened a bunch of positions  They cut the parliament by more than 50% (from 400 to 199)  Constitutional court rejected that so hungary wrote it into constitution  They lowered the retirement age of all gov’t employee  Nullified the law that made homelessness illegal  Eliminated idea of precedence- all issues prior to a certain date are no longer relevant  Struck down media law; aspects of it  Struck down the re-emergence of centralized control over religious instit’s  Declared unconstitutional the clause on marriage among other things  Mega amendments o Many laws were nullified by the CC: lowering retirement age of judges, homelessness, university funding, church law too o But then a new amendment came that reversed these loses o Lets look at changes  Also, they centralized control over all inst’ts of higher education – now run by office of PM  The gov’t went around CC and introduced a 15 page amendment  Took everything that was rejected and made single amendment that went through parliament and bypassed CC and was passed by super majority  Roma  Life on the periphery: the reproduction of a European underclass  Prejudice against roma is deeply engrained, institutionalized and generational  Hardly any data on the roma- low level of self identification  The context  The roma have been the underclass in EE for centuries  The status gap further increased when industrialization started  Occupational and lifestyle mismatch in the era of modernization  Came from India and ended up in Europe around 1000 CE  Persistent unrelenting prosecution  WW2: roma suffered similar fate as the jews  Only 1 museum of roma culture – basically a group that we have no idea about  Roma pop found itself commonly in communist eastern Europe after the war  Communist gov used them to practice social engineering – become victims again in postwar years – tried to transform them into socialist citizens by making them live “normal” lives in urban centers – in the houses of jews and germans (deported) – this was a total failure o They also began various campaigns of sterilization (this continued after the collapse of communism)  Not all roma are nomadic!  Advantage living in socialist system: wont starve, basis healthcare, allows the roma to survive by racism exists still  Failure to benefit from modernization  Failed assimilation during communism  Failed re-adjustment to market economy  Why do we see the reproduction of this underclass?  Czech republic attempted a type of deportation of the roma to Canada by making it look like a wonderful place  There are 2 types of legacies at play o The historical context: the legacy of societal underdevelopment in eastern Europe o The social context:  The periphery o Late urbanization, economic dependence, weak bourgeoisie, slow development  The response model o State dominance, top down modernization  the state assumed responsibility for assimilating the Roma, forcefully if necessary  they were not considered a national minority therefore it was a poverty issue for t
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