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JPA331Y Jan 10th Notes

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Political Science
Lynette Ong

Migrant Workers Internal Migrations in Chinaeconomic development and rapid urba nization spured rapid migration in chinaindividuals searchin higher wages and jobs110th of 14 billion population migrant workersactual number of migrant workers is likely much higher than 110th of chinas population because many do not register themselves with relevant authoritywhen migrants leave homestead they are confronted with discrimination and long streams of inequityhousehold registrations systemsthe hukou systemDespite reforms the system that is the hukou system still limits migrant workers to public services guaranteed to urban peoplemigrant workersfloating population some scholars call it a castelike system segregating rural and urban populations migrant workers are typically young below 40 years old poorly educated generallyhealthy highly mobile and heavily represented in many social service industries constructions restaruents low skill service industries basicallymany get jobs through wordofmouththey suffer social discrimination in the cities seen as 2nd class citizens in their own country seen as ignorant impoverish dirty etchousehold registration system migrants face major inequality in the ctities because of this twotier system established in the 1950sthe Hukou system keeps people tied to where they live means if you born
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