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JPA331Y Jan 17th Notes

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Political Science
Lynette Ong

Three Gorges Dam hydro electric dam that spans the yangtze riverworlds largest power stationbuilding of the dam has been very controversialgovernment says helps produce electricity a green project its hydroelectric and energy efficient than burning fuelcoal etcgov says increases shipping capacity of the yangtze river as bigger ships can now go through and also reduces potential of floodsits also a way of showcasing chinese engineeringemploys a lot of people around the regionhowever attracted much oppositions for example the Dam flooded acheological and cultural sites all buried under water nowThere are also people living on the river banks their homes would be flooded and forced to move to other places a forced eviction process basicallySo when you saw beautiful houses shown to tourists prof doubts those houses really for the relocateesThose houses were model hosues probaly built to show political leaders by local leadersBehind the surface the reality is much worse probalydisplaced 1 millionpeopleincreased risks of landslides and some ecological damageenvironmentalists around world and cultural heritage defenders and civil right defenders oppose the damso there are Pros and Cons basicallyPolitical Economy of the Stateowned Enterprise SOE Reform3 phases of SOE developmentTVEs are small and medium built in townships n villages they are communitylike but these SOE are by law owned by state and built in much bigger citiesSOE divided to national ie China Petroleum and Provicincial SOE that arent as large naturallythere are also prefectural SOE owned by prefectural government as well as municipal SOEthere are also smaller SOE owned by county level citiesso many SOE owned at various levels of governmentThe collectivist Prereform periodthe danwei systemwhen we talk abotu reform in this case refer to 1979 and 80s undertaken by badass Dengthe basic cell of economic life was the working unit Danweinow you should bne mad familiar with danwei danwei served multiple functions danwei is first of all a political institutions an administraitve body that extended party and state ontorl to urban grass
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