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JPA331Y Jan 31st Notes

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Political Science
Lynette Ong

StateUrban Workers RelationsWe talked about SOEreform 2 weeks agothis is continuingSo what happens after restructing of SOEThe relationship betweeen state and migrant workers who worked in factories in coastal cities etcTypes of Protestreform soe 1990s many restructuring happenedMany privatized while others gone through massive restructing to be efficient even though state had majuority stake in themthere was also some inefficient enterprises shut down altogetherso what was the central government with respect to policies of SOE restructuring were there particular types that were privatizedIf we devide soe to large and small one grasping large and letting go of smallLarge ones the ones owned by SOE the state do retain control while privatizing or selling or shutting down smaller ones which are not owned by central governments but owned by local governthe large scaled enterprises remained stateowned and those owned by central are larger in scales employ more revenue and get more revnnue than local owned onesThe policy rationale is to create state owned companies taht can be national champions in their respective industryThree xamples are natural petroleum corporation china mobile sino pact china telecom china state grid corporations the 4 state owned banks in banking industriesso govet wanted retain control over these large scaled industries and make them successful in export industriesIn a sense they discriminate against smaller oones owned by local government its ok to privatize them30 million workers laid out since 1990s as result of the SOE reform leading to large numbers of social protestlabour work force worked for smaller SOE of local prinvincialmunicipal governments and the protests mostly in 3 categories nON payment arrears of wages unemployment benefits pensions arrear of unemployment benefitsthese payments are not paid by enterprises but because these enterprises ultimately belong to local gvernment the ultmate responsibility lie with the
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