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JPA331Y Feb 28th Notes

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Political Science
Lynette Ong

Documentary FilmsThe Warriors of Qiugangfilm is directed by woman named Ruby Yang or some shit shes chinese canadianvery well made documentary nominated for academy award last yeartaks about this village qiugang alot of people die of cancer the suspected cause was polluted river from this factoryso this guy called jiang gong li an ordinary farmer didnt have shit education but very persistent and perserverant against local govtenlisted help of local NGO to attract media attention gather evidence against polluting factoriesChinas environmental problemswhich have triggered alarm worldwidehave also teiggered protests and activism in Canadain Anhui Province Spring 2007 volunters from green anhui a local environment group chinese dont lack ideas just dont want to be first to act on themchemical plants moved in 2004 they started production the people had to stay indoors sad timesworried about children some grandson has been feeling unwellthe families cant afford to movethe village gets more cancer than others says zhang gongli the leading farmerthe grain in the fields also get polluted accordin to gonglitheymill the affected grain but they still mill and sell them even tho they dont want to hurt people they need money to survivewhen inspections come facotry shuts down for few days but then shit starts p again some 87 year old woman marks on her wall everytime 1 person dies related to the factorys pollution
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