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JPA331Y Mar 6th Notes

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Political Science
Lynette Ong

Senior Thesis Information Sessionminimaster thesis its about 30 pages or 40 pagesAn opportunity to explore topic really interested in and can choose which professor to work with and work out with himher on the area most interested inMarch 21st 2012 3pm4pmyou get a full creditSidney Smith Hall Room 3130There will also be another presentation on Thursday March 22 2012 4pm6pmvery similar to Individual StudyDomestic Source of Chinas Foreign Policyapart from next week a guest on religionafter that and this one will focus on international dimension of Chinawhat are priorities how does it see itself etcWhy does China take certain actions etcHow China Views itselfThree LensesNational Revitialization rejevunation benign powerVictim MentalityDefensive securityoutlookbeggining with Nationalization Revitalizationtheres belief that in China reclaiming lost starter as a great power rather than rising for the first time the media has always described Chinas current rise as a revitalization a rejuvenation of Chinas rightful place in the world as a great powernot an obscure country that arised only in 21st centuryit was for a long time worlds greatest powermedia often refers to chinas substantial influence of Late Ming Han Tang or early Qingso theres a sense that China is merely correcting the historical abhorration since the Opium warin referring to earlier periods Chinese policy makers maintain that China was always hegemonic ruler it wasnt like the European Imperial powers that go about conquering China has always been hegemonic but a benign benevolent great power without the exploitation of imperialismcontributes to an entitlement mentality in regards to Chinas exertion in international affairif you take a long view of history china has always been a great power but went into decline in the last 150 yearsat the time of being a great power it has always been a benign and benevolent power never really a Hegemonic ruler that relied on force or coercion so gives rise to a sense of entitlement that its reclaiming its rightful starter in the worldbut you should also contrast that with the victim mentality that china is a victim of 100 years of shame and humiliation at the hands of western and other foreign powers especially japanbeggining with Opium wars in 1840s China was invaded divided and then weakened by external powers China was reunited by Maos Communism founding Republic of Chinafostered this narrative since 1949this identitynarrative has become part of the Communist Party identity that it is a party that helped to reunify China to help make up for years of humiliationit is also a mean to foster the partys legitimacythis sort of narrative is entrenched in the media the propaganda the textbooks the children grow up learning this sort of narrative and thinkingthis victimization narrative has created an accute chinese sensitivity to infringement on chinas soverignty and territorial integritythe why does western world always want to victimize ChinaIR principles of equality mutual respect and noninterference in the internal affairs of statethese views to reinforce rightful role first one and second one is slightly contradictory says Professor while it wants to revitalize its former glory also sees itself as a victim
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