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JPA331Y Mar. 20th Notes

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Political Science
Lynette Ong

ChinaTaiwan Relationshipschina taiwan relations is crazythe political intensity is equivalent to like palestine n israelbuncha reasons why they should remerge buncha reasonss why taiwan feels they are independentVideo she shows Discovery Taiwanshows buncha taiwanbased tribes n shit mad cutestupid history video that is abit comedicwas once called Formasa which means beautiful islanddutch and spanish apparently landed in 2 tips of taiwan during voyages of discovery blater Chinese comes in and owns the placeChinese still the major population of Taiwan ergo we should own this placelater taken by Japan and shitChinaTaiwan CrossStrait Relationsnot gona cover extensive history of Taiwan but it is complicated been colonized in various times China is only one of them it also has its own indigneous peoplePolitical History of Taiwantoday about 360k indig ppl in Taiwanportugese called it Formosa thus taiwan also known as formosa1662 general from China Zheng Chenggong went to taiwan ripped the dutch and initiated 1st wave immigration from mainland to Taiwan most came from Fujiansome of these chinks married aboriginal women naturally and setled down16441911 the manchus ruled china and established qing dynastythe dynasty was strong and attained military control over taiwan in 1885 so taiwan part of China officially in 18851st sinojap war 1894 to 1895 China loses
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