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Political Science
Lynette Ong

2012-10-23 JPA331Y1: FORMAL POLITICAL INSTITUTIONS Key ft. of political institutions  Unitary state--22 prov. 5 “autonomous regions”, 4 Municipals. 2 SARs  Admin levels: center, prov., prefecture, county, township  No separation of power b/t the CCP, legislature, judiciary  Grid-like, criss-crossing lines of vertical authority & horizontal coordination Beijing 22 prov. 5 autor 2 SARs 4 Munic. Prefecture counties townships  Through the party system, report to Beijing  Overlap of power, horizontal hierarchy system  CourtBeijingParty  Tiao-Kuai system--Vertical & horizontal system o People don’t go against the crown. No justice through the court system.  Zhongnanhai: houses the top military ranking officials, while the party and military are separate on paper, they are inseparable in reality  CCP founded in Leninist mould. Highly selected well-trained discipline. At least on paper. After a period of apprenticeship, party school training + evaluation and membership granted o Theoretically, the party is to arrive at decisions democratically. Decisions reached are to be carried out whole-heartedly o Power really lies at the hand of the party. o Central level, the main party organs is the national party congress (meets every 5 years)--highest level of authority. But because infrequent meetings and large member size, nothing happens. The CCP Central Party Organs  The National Party Congress: o 2000 delegates, meet once every 5 years o Highest organ of party authority in theory. Legitimates central political tasks for the party, rather than initiates & decides important policies o A small number not elected  The Central Committee o 300 members, Meets once or twice a yr. o In theory, The NPC elects the CC members. Reality, endorses the candidates determined by the Politburo  The Politburo o The command HQ of the CCP 2012-10-23 JPA331Y1:  Politburo Standing Committee o Most powerful inner circle with 9 members currently who meet weekly o Highest leader- Hu Jintao Current Members of the Politburo Standing Committee 1. Hu Jintao: Pres. Of PRC, general Secretary of the CPC, chairman of the central military commission. 2. Wu Bangguo: Chairman of standing committee of the national people’s congress 3. Wen Jiabao: Premier of the state council of the PRC 4. Jia Qinglin: The CCP central party organs  The Secretariat o The princ. Admin.
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