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Lecture 9


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Political Science
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Professor Kanta Murali

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Democracy and authoritarianism in Pakistan Bangladesh and Sri Lanka121128 110 PM how do we evaluate and assess democracy Indias casemore successful in the procedural and representative components but less so in other aspects such as responsiveness and accountability Sri Lankacharacterized by majoritarian politicsengulfed in civil warPakistan and Bangladesh have seen frequent reversals to authoritarian rule Agendavariation in democratic development in South AsiaTrajectories of democracy in Pakistan Bangladesh Sri Lanka key questions and themes why did democracy consolidate in the early years after independence in India and not in PakistanWhy have Pakistan and Bangladesh seen oscillations between democratic and authoritarian ruleEven in its democratic periods why has Bangladesh remained a partial democracy characterized by pervasive corruption lack of transparency normless political behaviour political instability and lack of accountabilityImplications of ethnic conflict and majoritarian politics for Sri Lankan democracyComparative trajectories in South AsiaIndia consolidation of democracy varied performance in terms of procedural aspects representation responsiveness and accountability conducting an election in India is a logistical challenge has been successful in encorporating more groupsPakistan and Bangladesh
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