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POL 322 week 9 Lec

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Michael Painter- Main

POL 322 week 9 Lec Nov 19, 2012 Bivariate Relationships -last time we looked at 1 variable (indicator) -ex. thermometer for supporting Steven Harper -how do we look at hypotheses testing using inferences? Inferences -2 functions: 1. estimate population parameter 2. hypothesis testing -ultimately want to look at relationship between IV’s and DV Univariate Hypothesis Testing -ex. class survey of left-right environmental concern -environment: “i would give part of my income if i were certain that the money would be used to prevent environmental pollution” -those that agree or strongly agree are our sample -would environmentalists be statistically significant;y different than the rest of our popu- lation? -population of the left-right political spectrum survey question -population L-R: 4.22 sample (environmentally concerned): 3.68 -do those concerned significantly differ than the population? -or is this just a function of the sample size we are using? T-Score of this question -instead of looking at how a mean represents pop -testing whether some mean is like the population -assumes we know what the population looks like -by dividing by the standard deviation (s), we can compare anything (population or sam- ple) together because they will be standardized and comparable Process POL 322 week 9 Lec Nov 19, 2012 1. outline a null hypothesis (no difference/ relationship) and alternative -in almost every scenario there is no difference -in this case the sample mean L-R score (environmental concern) does not differ from the pop mean L-R score -alternative hypothesis is what we expect to see 2. examine the difference between sample and pop in standardized method, develop a T-Score -calculate T-Score -Pop (L-R): 4.22 -environment (L-R): 3.68 -environment (s): 2.03 -environment (number of cases): 67 -T= -2.16 (after whole calculation 3. find a critical T-Score -based on confidence level and degrees of freedom -based o
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