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Lecture 12

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

Nationalism and Conflict 2013-01-07 11:58 AM What is Nationalism? - Seemingly obvious answer: the ideology of nations. A nation is a group that wants to have it’s own state - A group of people who believe they share a common fate, history, culture and language - Nationalism says that the state and nation should be congruent - Every nation state has minorities, those minorities will have rights, basic liberal rights (Voting, Freedom of speech) - Some minorities do not have collective rights - Most Arabs go to Arab schools in Israel but those schools are not funded by the government - 12% of Americans are African Americans, they have individual rights, but not that many collective rights - The United States does not define itself as a nation-state - A state set up to defend the rights of America, as a cultural group - What it means to be an Israeli in Israel is different than what it means to be an American in America - American definition of being an American is political - What Americans care about are political loyalty - There’s no cultural definition in America - In Germany, Korea, Turkey, they do not have a political definition of citizenship - View themselves as a community of descent - Those who are born German, Korean, etc - Nationalism is the ideology of nations (completely wrong) - Nation: A group of people who believe they share a common fate, culture, etc - Nationalism: State should be conducted by people of that country: Leaders of France should be French - The sense that our leaders must be from the same cultural group as us is a modern phenomenon - The world is chopped up in units where culture is protected by big organizations called states Nationalism - But this occurs only under modern conditions - Never before in human history did people insist that their leaders be the same cultural and never did leaders try to make the people share ther culture - This is a modern phenomenon - Nations do not create the ideologies of nations, Nationalism creates nations Nationalism and Modernization - High culture and low cultures: European moarchs and populations - Nationalism didn’t exist before modern nations - Europe consisted of high cultures and low cultures - Ind
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