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Chapter 13 Making Democracy Work  he believe democracy could spread everywhere but the question is will it last and be valued  in the 1990s he saw that many new democracies were performing very poorly because they were shallow  there were elections but they were only contests between corrupt parties, there were parliaments but they did not represent civil society, and there was a constitution but not constitutionalism  democracy in a formal sense but people were still not politically free  countries wanted to withhold openness because they were seeing how regimes in power were losing their positions once democratic rule was enforced in the 3 wave  Prospects for democracy  countries surrounded by democratic neighbors, pseudomocracies, crisis ridden regions, soon death of a dictator, and countries pressured by aid-donors  Prospects depend on gradual 1) economic development 2) integration into global economy 3) taking deeper root where it has already started  At risk countries  pops with 1 million + in Latin America, 6/10 Asian democracies, all of non EU post soviet democracies, all democracies in Africa Why New Democracies Perform Poorly  because they are still in the predatory state with false factors that make it look like a democracy (shallow)  predatory state is the opposite of the civic community  predatory state  no community, no shared commitment, no respect for law, people with political power monopolize it, ordinary people are clients of powerful patrons, rich extract from the poor, corruption is the norm, distrust, opposition is silenced, police is corrupt, politicians use bribery Overcoming the Predatory State  need
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