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Lecture 3

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Political Science
Michael Painter- Main

Important Terminology Research Question Hypotheses Variables Independent Variables (IV) Dependent Variables (DV) Thinking about 1 IV and looking at how it influences 1 DV Experiments try to think about things in a causal manner - something actually causing something else Experimental features Goal: Test very specific relationships Do so through: Temporal priority - gives researcher the ability to pick one IV and systematically allows them to vary it as they wish Control Another feature of control: You want to keep your groups, how they're exposed to IV and how they response with DV as systematically similar as possible example experiment: same actor, same background, same tone everything needs to be as controlled as possible allows you to zero in on the key IV while everything else is constant Random assignment: someway of figuring out certain traits of peoples characters won't have an overwhelming influence on the data, so you assign the experiment to random people minimises difference we see between people and within each group Experimental features Base/Control - normal version vs Treatment - the applied IV Example: group that doesn't see anything vs group that sees pictures Experiment environment: The key themes we wanna make sure are held at a consistent rate Experiment subjects: minimise vast majority of characteristics subjects hold that might undermine our IV and DV relationship Experiment locales Natural/field setting laboratory: a controlled settings, allows for control over external factors that we wanna hold standard - allows you to make sure stimuli or lack of stimuli is received in the same manner survey internet - multi dynamic area to collect data Experimental goals - theory building, knowledge gathering, Whispering to princes: normative element to these things - ultimate some of these things can help policy makers or businesses Experimental Designs Post-Test: Basic design - some topic I wanna know the relationship between IV and DV control and at least one other group that receives the "treatment" - they randomly assign a whole wack of people with one of the IV groups and measure the DV from them - one IV with different categories Problem: we don't know people's attitude toward support of outreach program
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