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Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

Nationalism and Conflict 07/01/2013 11:11:00 AM Paper question: An inevitable consequence of economic growth is increasing inequality. Do you agree or disagree with this assertion? Be sure to draw on lectures and course materials to support your answer.  Canada- Canada is economically growing, and provides equal healthcare to all without discrimination  What is Nationalism  Nationalism is the ideology of nations.  A nation is a group that wants to have its own state  Nation- A group of people who believe they share the same fate, history, culture and language  Nationalism- says that the state and nation should be the same o Ex. The French state should be made up of French people Every nation-state has minorities within it, and every minority has special rights  Ex. o Israel –  In order to be a citizenship it is easier if you are born into an Israeli ancestry o Americans- Black and White  Black population is 12%, they have minority rights, but very little collective rights  You are able to take your citizenship exam in any language, being of any ethnicity therefore, making citizenship purely political  Nationalism only happens under modern conditions  It was not necessary in the past where the leader of a country was from or what language they spoke  Cultures are protected by states  Nations don’t exist on themselves, they are inventions  Nations don’t create the ideology of nationalism. Nationalism creates the ideology of the nation  Multiculturalism is about protecting group rights   NATIONALISM AND MODERNIZATION  High culture and low cultures: European monarchs (high) and population (low)  Nationalism started in Europe  Industrial society and need for universalization of high culture o You need to create a common language and culture o Sates are service organizations for
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