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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
June Larkin

Feb 11 Lecture Postwar Reconstruction  Asia’s Rise - Government intervention (subsidies, credit, direct investments, etc) - Infant industry protection - Picking and making market winners (global demand) - American patronage - Developmental state - Export oriented growth  Outlier or Model? - Market regarding- Adam Smith - Mercantilist- List and Hamilton - Dependent development- Lenin and Wallerstein  Global Economic Growth- prewar, interwar and postwar - 1870-1913: golden age of Europe, good economic growth (2.5%) - 1913-1950: decrease in economic growth - 1950-1970: huge economic growth: period when Asia plugged into the economy  The World Wars: a devastating turning point - WWI: 15 million deaths; WWII: 50 million deaths - Physical infrastructure of Europe/ Japan destroyed  World War I (1914-1918) - Rise of Germany - Alliance formation (England, France, Russia vs Germany) - Isolationism/ expansionism - Power transition moment - 1919 Treaty of Versailles and Germany’s defeat  Collective Security - Woodrow Wilson - Collective security doctrine o preservation of state sovereignty (realist) o aggression illegal; outlaw offensive war (cannot invade another country) o deter aggression through coalition  League of Nations- Paris Peace Conference 1919 (security a collective responsibility, moral responsibility for prevention, could only work if this threat of punishment was credible)  (I) Breakdown of Collective Security - Japan’s East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere - Italian Fascism and Ethiopia - No U.
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