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Political Science
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June Larkin

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Feb 4 Readings Dependency and Development Imperialism as a Special Stage of Capitalism- Lenin  very high stage of capitalism  imperialism: monopoly stage of capitalism  finance capital Predatory, Developmental and Other Apparatuses: A Comparative Political Economy Perspective on the Third World State- Evans  public choice theory: incumbents are rational maximizers  sphere of state action should be reduced to the minimum and bureaucratic control should be replaced by market mechanism wherever possible  neoutilitarianism highly problematic  application of other arguments to traditional societies or communist states would require substantial extension and revision  while most of the argument apply in principle to both advanced industrial and developing countries, they apply most strongly to situations in which structural transformation, like the movement from reliance on agriculture to reliance on industry, is the order of the say  debate best moved forward by comparing third world states  Predatory-> Zaire  Neoutilitarian logic: preoccupation of the political class with rent seeking has turned the rest of society into prey  Bureaucratization lies at the heart of the problem  It is not bureaucracy that impedes development so much as the lack of capacity to behave like a bureaucracy  Developmental States- Taiwan and Korea  Strong internal bureaucracies  Strong external ties  The “embedded autonomy” which is precisely the mirror image of the “incoherent absolutist domination” of the predatory state, is the key to the devel
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