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POL101 NOTES FROM NOVEMBER 26, 2012 LECTURE: CIVILIAN VIOLENCE AND WAR (PROFESSOR K.) Violence is everywhere in democracy and laws enforce violence and there are even violence specialists War is normally though of state en state and violence is generally monopolized the state. Yet Civil Wars are different State sovereignty is destroyed or there are multiple sovereignties. There is alos a difference in revolution and civil wars in that sequence and outcome dose not change in a civil war. Ancient Greece: Peloponnesian War in 431-403 BCE and in 480 they beat the Persian. Thus Athens lead the way 479-432: Rise of Athens and of Sparta: It became about land vs. maritime, oligarchy vs. democratic, military vs. commercial orientation. Reasons for war: the rise of Athens alarmed Sparta and its allies. The war became about fear honor and interest. Corfu: 427  Oligarchs vs. democracy each with external backers. The themes for violence are still the same, as the divided allies will take backers with external neighbors. Civil War restraint: first shown in Cain and Able. This means that family argument is the worst and holy places are violated. Drags people down and human nature is the same. The veneer of civility is thin and there needs to be only a little change for violence. Language is altered making it hard to think in other ways than language. If you cant say a thing it is not a thought thus thought control is led through language control. This leaves no room for a prudent leader (Phoesis vs. nomos) when ambitions outrun the interes
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