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POL101 NOTES FROM NOVEMBER 5, 2012 LECTURE: EXPERIMENTS IN DEMOCRACY Political methodology declare the use of experiments to answer questions about democracy The milk or tea example with Fisher and Bristol Myrle: the start of it all Prove that we can learn and test people’s claims with treatments and controls, randomizations, and measurements Experiments: have to have treatments, coincidence (have a controlled stimulus), assignment to treatment or control, comparison group is random and randomization is known, and post measurements of results. Treatments: a stimulus, anything that has a effect that is applied to the same time or people Random Assignment: some subject in treatment control that is random and independent to own conditions Post measurements: need to measure the results (casual effect) to make a casual inference IT has to have all three parts to make the inference What is the casual effect: different in outcome between two states (treated vs. untreated)
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