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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science

POL101 NOTES FROM MARCH 18, 2013 LECTURE: GLOBAL GOVERNANCE: PROBLEMS AND CHALLENGES We look at local government in a time of global governance (GG) GG and International System (IS): explained with realism (it is anarchic with relative levels of power) O Sum Benefits: prone to conflict and need to balance power thus need a hegemon Managed with the League of Nations and Collective Security: anarchic thus sovereignty is really important and is enforced through collective security Managed through liberal institutions: no world government thus if interdependent there is pacification (positive sum). Functionalism: creates rules that reflect the states special function thus rules and norms become instituted over time UN system of States: not a world government and doesn’t really work There to maintain peace internationally and security with collective measures to ensure this. Based on the principal of equal rights between states. Purpose to achieve international co-op (in functional areas to solve problems) and is central for harmonizing actions of nations Global Risks: why is the GG important: society is tremendously uncertain and risks are collective (climate change effects all) We now live in a borderless world (global health/disease has no borders). There is uncertainty about tech and cyber security. Human security: since the end of WW have had states fail, genocide & civil wars Thus new type of global risks need GG Characteristics of GG: 1. There is a absence of global government and state sovereignty (presumed) 2. We all share a collective fate and common “lives” (the financial crisis) and we need to help each other out 3. Engage in functional specialization (the World Health Orga
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