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Political Science
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POL101 NOTES FROM JANUARY 21ST, 2013 LECTURE: POTESTNT ETHICS Nationalism: political organization is states and nation states  states are set up, they defend the culture and political interest of the group State and nations should be congruent but there are minorities: basic liberal rights vs. collective rights Ex1: Israel: non-Jews have collective rights but disagree as a collective right (have less rights) Ex2: US and blacks: hardly any collective rights but the head of state can be black. However not a nation states i.e. different to be an American in America rather than a Jew in Israel because the definition of citizenship is different. Americans have political loyalty which is not a cultural definition of a citizen. How did the world get Nationalism: Nationalism is the ideology of the nation (used to believe). Now, nations have common fate, history, culture, language as they try to impose culture. Nations don’t exist in themselves but are created by nationalism (we feeling). Why do we feel this? Nationalism and Modernization: Europe consisted of high and low cult (monarchs vs. population). Over time needed to communicate wit
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