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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science

POL101 NOTES FROM OCTOBER 15, 2012 LECTURE: COMMUNISM AND FACISM These countries have a different mind set than the West: 1. Institutionalized Staterionalism  very rare and is when the people know specifically in which type of state they are in and know that it exisits 2. They have a different ideology: salvation ideology in belief of a perfect human 3. There is always a big toll on human lives: on constituted bases on which basic human rights Liberal democracy and crisis: 19 centaury was the high one The principal of liberal democracy was so appealing that it developed in places where the base for it was not present Hungary faked it (it was corrupt), which led to Hay Day/ there was a crisis because of the corruption as there were false election votes rd Example of how liberal democracy functioned in the 3 world People started to question whether liberal democracy really worked in those type of places WWI discredited that liberal democracy was peaceful The left became about inequality as the rich tried to control the poor The right believed that there was a world hierarchy but the wrong people ran it: was run by inferiors and they rejected the worst form of hierarchy and hierarchy of natural order was restored (Germany) Liberal Democracy and the working class: extension of the franchise Social democracy rose and led to electoral socialism Two thoughts: evolve through evolutionary means (social) and revolution through evolution (West) Revolution? Migrated to East Europe Lenin believed that revolution moved under conditions that favored authoritism/ under condition party of a different type It had to be a religious conversion (gain occult status) under conspiracy  full time secret society If the people are left alone there will be no revolution as the people are greedy and want money (they have “trade union consciousness”). The people need to be brought out of the working class The party brings truth Ma
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