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Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

rd Dec 3 , 2012 Michael Ignatieff Sovereignty and Intervention  What makes nations sovereign? When is it okay to intervene on nations sovereignty?  Intervention dilemmas: Rwanda, Bosnia, Kosovo  Canadian leadership  Macarthur Foundation support  International Commission on Sovereignty and intervention, 2001  Bosnia, end of cold war, Serbs kill other ethnicities to maintain there national state, many die well Western world watches  Ethnic cleansing  Intervention in the world relies on approval from UN security council  Canadian intervention in Bosnia was illegal as it did not have approval from UN security council  Canada lead with ideas in establishment of International Commission  Responsibility to protect (R2P) ,  All sovereign nations have the responsibility to protect there own citizens  If sovereign state fails in protection other states have the ability to intervene  The way you say something in international politics matters, right to intervene, Responsibility to protect  Sovereignty in the UN charter  Human security or National security?  When can intervention be justified?
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