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Political Science
Professor Kanta Murali

Week 24 – Diaspora, politics and development April 1, 2013 The South Asian diaspora -very large (about 22 million) -much of the migration to the industrialized countries occurred in the 1960s and after -wide geographic spread -industrialized countries: Canada, U.S, Australia, New Zealand -Middle East: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain -South-east Asia: Malaysia and Singapore -Africa: South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Mauritius -Carribean: Trinidad, Guyana -Pacific: Fiji Different Phases -Early and late strands of migration -colonial period -later migration -regional patterns of outflows from South asia -colonial period -indentured labour -colonial period -indentured labour -from the north-central parts of India and the south -end of slavery – labour shortage – aimed to fill this labour shortage with migrants -mainly in Trinidad, Guyana, Mauritious, South Africa and Fiji (indentured labour) -contract labour – to South east asia -later migration -from more diverse regions -migration to great Britain in particular -after 1965 – loosening of immigration rules in North America -Middle East -South Asians form a significant portion of the unskilled and semi skilled labour – contrast to how in North America most of the labour was skilled -East Africa Different phases and occupational structure -varied occupational structure -differences between the colonial period of migration and later migration -colonial period primarily indentured workers, contract workers and traders -postcolonialmixed occupational structure (skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled migrants) Links to South Asia -differences between colonial and post colonial strands of migration -colonial era – different understanding and imagination of South Asia following migration -economic links -remittances -esp in terms of unskilled and semi-skilled workers -constitute about 3.5%thf the Indian economy -little more than 1/10 of Bangladesh’s GDP made up of remittances Week 24 – Diaspora, politics and development April 1, 2013 -similar story in Pakistan and Sri Lanka -increasing links in the high-tech sector -compared to China – diasporic links in South Asia are much stronger -political links -esp recent migrants -links to conflicts in South Asia -civil war in Sri Lanka -much migration to Toronto/Canada occurred after the early phases of the civil war -Toronto forms the largest concentration of Tamil migrants than any other part of the world -general awareness, protest, media related activism, local organizations -Sikh separatist movement – South Asian diaspora in Canada -large diaspora in Vancouver -a lot of funding and material from Vancouver (and to a lesser extent the UK) directly went to the Sikh separatist cause -the Air India bombing – largest terrorist incident in Canada, conducted by Sikh terrorists from Canada -Kashmir -links to Kashmir separatism in the UK -significant numbers of migrants came from the Pakistan side of Kashmir -links
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