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Political Science
Charles Hoffman

Chapter 4 Transnationalism: - Way of understanding GG that focuses not on international institutions or nation states, but on other agents and processes that complement institutionalism - Focuses on intervening variables that affect or modify GG - Driven by sense that what goes on between states doesn’t capture all that goes on in the world even when it gives attention to international institutions (57) - Key issue is the sovereign state and interaction via international institutions (62) - Is concerned with making small changes and incremental improvement – rejects broad sweeping narratives of change (63) - Suggests that domestic activist organizations (64) - Transnationalism ensures better policy – without taking this into account, policy will fail, suggests transnationalism - Strengths: 1- Transnationalism challenges the established state-centric view of global governance implicit in institutionalism, making transnationalism more flexible in an era of globalization 2- Doesn’t just concern states but drives analysis below level of state to civil society, social movements, and NGOs 3- Wide scope approach – looks are more levels of analysis and a wider array of actors 4- Openness to explanations for GG developments, such as the end of the apartheid regime in South Africa (68) - Weaknesses: 1- Excludes the large academic audience with a firm base in parsimony – makes explanations much more complex than institutionalism, making causation harder to decipher 2- Doesn’t put emphasis on movements and illicit NGOs that want to break the current global order (70) - Transnationlism is a positive conception of GG – suggests that improving the world is possible and developing the means of global governance can be done - Reformist way of thinking about GG - Politics is a positive resource in the development of effective and legitimate governance Chapter 5 Cosmopolitanism: - Cosmopolitanism view that the environment in which GG is taking place is changing - Take a more systematic view of globalization, suggesting that substantial modifications to existing governance systems are necessary, given the change of our world - Picks up on mutual benefits from cooperat
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