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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Charles Hoffman

Chapter 7 Feminism: - Base their views on the inequities they find in basic relationships - View of GG is one that starts at the ground level and moves up to consider the dynamics of how the world is organized and the understanding of social relationships - Want to make the world a better place - Considered as a worldview, as a political project, and as a scholarly position - Tries to change existing system for a new system - Women suffer from overt and covert discrimination and exploitation of men - Wants to transform the system and eliminate the problem - Change institutions and processes to recognize the problems they have made for women - Puzzles: 1- Establishing links between the public and private, the wider world and the home, which mainstream analyses deny  GG is defined by the mainstream as not private, and as having no intimate connotations  Feminists think mainstream has ignored the issue of gender and how institutions such as the IMF reproduce the dominations of women 2- How does gender permeate institutions of GG  Identify gender and domination of women as core feature of GG - Focus on gender divide - Links are seem between capitalism and patriarchy, or the system of gender oppression of women - Looks at relationships between private and public sphere - Private is unequal, exploitative and highly political - Gender is marginalized so it is their job to solve this issue - Gender is different from sex – is a social construct Chapter 8 Rejectionism: - Highlighted in book Lecture 02 – 01/14/13 Global governance forum Pirate retires: instance of: - Informal governments/transnationalism - Institutionalism Emergence of Global Governance - Playbook for managing rules that go across borders - Playbook has been defined and used by states – different mec
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