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Political Science
Seth Jaffe

LECTURE ON RAWLS, OUTLAW STATES 1) NON-IDEAL THEORY 2) OUTLAW STATES – JUST WAR THEORY 3) ROLE OF THE STATESMAN 4) BURDENED SOCIETIES, POL CULTURE & THE DUTY TO ASSIST 5) JUSTICE, ADVANTAGE AND NECESSITY OUTLAW STATE - Violates the rights of its people - Aggressive and expansionist motives in IR - Would req grave violations of human rights to intervene - To facilitate change could use carrots and sticks - They are an enemy, but they are not justified in the attack unless they are protecting the rights of the people - Well ordered ppls only right defensive wars, in so far, if a state would engage in aggressive war the state would be classified as an outlaw - Walzer and Rawls present different views of liberal people, how they ought to interact with other people FOREIGN POLICY FOR LIBERAL DEMOCRACIES - Rawls presents a FP for lib peoples - Ideal, the freedom agenda, if we are to move people toward the people from the outlaw to the liberal system of govt - Making other states liberal? No make them decent – the goal to move them in the direction of decency - Does seem to advocate the use of the carrots and sticks - Broad approach that well ordered people take toward outlaw states - There can only be temporary accommodation - There should be adaptation of policies which would move people toward a liberal or decent state SUPREME EMERGENCY - sometime it is justified, like UK could bomb Germany FREEDOM AGENDA - moving the outlaw states in direction of decency STATESMAN THERE IS NO INSTANTANEOUS FIX, FIX THEM ACCORDING TO THEIR PROBLEMS DECENT – because of the principle of toleration - We might think that liberalism is best but we cannot push all people - FREEDOM AGENDA – pushing all towards liberalism WHAT ARE THE BURDENED SOCIETIES? - Suffering form a specific event - Natural disasters, colonial history - “Weak states” - Burdened by unfavorable conditions -
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