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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Seth Jaffe

KANT AND DOYLE 1) Morality and politics (justice v advantage) 2) Doyle, Kant and the psychological profile of liberal democracy 3) Lib dems with other lib dems (a liberal pacific union) 4) Lib dems with non-lib dems, strong and weak (dark side of democratic peace?) 5) A foreign policy for liberal democracy? - A freedom agenda? Realists – states are like units and they exist in anarchy - By virtue of being in this state they will behave in a specific way, they will be suspicious of one another - Do domestic regimes matter for international relations? - For Doyle the regime type matters - His theory better explains what is actually going on in the real world rather than the realist theory - Realists – you would expect lib dems to be in conflict with one anther, but you do not find this; the problem of anarchy is solved by the liberal democracy What difference do liberal principles and institutions make to the conduct of the foreign affairs of liberal states? - Disrupts the balance of power politics - Have to be hopeful about the pacific union - LIBERALISM 3 set of rights – neg, positive and democratic - Soc lib emphasizes equality and more active role for govt - Conservative lib emphasizes liberty over equality, money is property, the govt is taking the money of people for progressive policies and this is morally wrong for the conservative liberals, govt needs to be smaller - Both share a commitment to four essential institutions - But there is tension between liberty and equality and between the two liberal policies, the cons and progressives th - Kant in the 18 – only 3 lib orders – now we have more - There is no communist peace theory - There is a specific kind of peace, liberal peace - Realists – lib peace – no deep conflicts – why no conflicts? - Why are there fewer conflicts of interests b/w the liberals - The three rights: republican, international and cosmopolitan - International – mutual non aggression pact DEMOCRACIES ARE MORE EFFICIENT - Only the lib dems serve the common good - There is accountability, we can take the authority away - There is no other form of political arrangement that works as good as a liberal democracy - Mo
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