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Problems of Democracies (Lecture 5) Lecture 5: The lecture is presented by Professor Wong. He talks about the many issues that come with democracies, mainly regarding the ideas of equality of opportunity and equality of outcome.

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Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

POL101Y1 LECTURE 5 THOCTOBER 18 2010 RED VOCAL NOTES BLACK POWERPOINT SLIDES PROBLEMS OF DEMOCRACY Democracy and EqualityRules of the game o Structured by this o Known as political institutions o Underpinning structure of democracy and rights governing human laws o Rule of Law rather than Rule of Man o Democracies are PredictableManaging diversity o Democracies as a political system is much better at managing diversity than other forms o Moderates excessMost individuals like to vote in the middle bell curveThe ends are more or less extreme o Norms of inclusioneveryone is included in the political processYou are free to vote or engage in a civil society social movement or even say what you want to say due to freedoms of press and assemblyInstitutionalized uncertainty o What makes democracy stable is that we never know the next election outcome until it happens o There is always an expectation that one may win next time if not this o Allows for the alternating of power o This promotes stability in democraciesVariations of democracy o Democracies are different all around the world although there are the same core characteristics there is a different institutional make up o Every democracy of the world is structured by rulesdifferent set of rules o Dynamism The abilities by which democracies can change the rulesThis dynamism promotes democracies to be altered in a way that serves its society optimallyEquality o Core principle of democracy o There are two ways to look at equalityEquality of OpportunityEquality of Outcome Equality of Opportunity looking at the process of democracyPolitical equality o All citizens regardless of any difference are treated political equally o Rules of the game apply equallyProcedural democracy o Equality of opportunity is about processes of democratic politics o Equality of opportunity is a function of the rules of the game o All individuals get equal opportunities and rules of the game apply equally
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