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Lecture 5

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Political Science
Seth Jaffe

th October 9 , 2013 POL323Y1 Lecture 5 Walzer Prompt: Essay Writing - Winning vs. fighting well - Sliding scale and supreme emergency - Define Walzers just theory has 2 parts Jus ad bellum and jus in bellum (1 st half) - Walzer’s position on either the sliding scale or the supreme emergency (final part of the paper) and its relation to jus ad bellum and jus in bellum (choose one) for example Walzer is against sliding scale but is for supreme emergency - Critique Walzer’s position as well as you can - Explicate thesis statement by saying what you will argue. This paper will argue______________. - Explain your quotations; demonstrate the dilemmas of Walzer’s position and the problems of it. - Citations (Walzer, pg). Embedded Citations, no long run on sentences. - Double Spaced Thucydides 1.23: Blame vs. Cause (Justice vs. Necessity) - Thucydides is a rich text that international relations scholars use today - Thucydides famously claims at 1:23 that it was the growth of the Athenian power that sparked fear, which caused an Sparta attempt to counter attack the growing power which led to war. (Walzer’s preventive war) - Thucydides 1.23, “All this came upon them…” - Who is responsible for violating the peace of the Thirty Years Peace? Who is the unjust aggressor, who is to blame for the war? A question of justice. - The different parties say different things about what happened, different arguments as to why war broke out. Thucydides will trace the chain of events that led to war. - Thucydides says that there was a cause that was not spoken to why war broke out. The growth of Athens, which in turn sparked fear in Sparta, made war inevitable and necessary. o Hence, Sparta began to war but according to Thucydides they were forced to out of fear. o But what Athens was forced to grow powerful out of necessity. o This issue of blame is not unrelated to cause o If Sparta did so out of fear then they are not to blame however, if Athens was forced to become powerful then they are not to blame. The Manifest Quarrels - We have two factions in the City of Epidamnus o The Rich and the poor o War between competing factions within the city - Corcyra rejects Epidamnus plea for help so they go to Corinth who are rivals to Corcyra. o Epidamnus have an ancestral tie to Corinth - The Corinthians agree to help the Epidamnus because it will piss of the Corcyrians. o 1:25.3, “……” - The Corcyrians in return are pissed and immediately launch an expedition force. - Both Corcyra and Corinth now have some kind of claim to Epidamus. Corcyra was invited in and Epidamus is in Corinth’s backyard. They both have ties, which draw in these external powers who are now on a collision course for each other. - Corinthians have men in Epidamnus which is to be attacked by Corcyrians their arch rivals. Corinth is pissed about this. - Corcyra is unaligned while Corinth is the member of the Pelponesian League, which they can call on for assistance to make them stronger then their arch rivals. They draw help from the network of allegiance - Corcyrians hearing of the allegiances become scared and try to calm things down. They can see that Cornith is coming to play hard ball and they are not likely to win. So if you’re not going to win, its time to negotiate. They offer arbitration. o Corcyra sees that if the balance of power moves to the side where they are likely to loose, try to calm things down. o Corinth says no, turning a death ear to these proposals. o They send 75 ships with 200 men per ship, giving battle to Corcyrians. - Although they are not favorites, Corcyrians with the assistance of Athens defeat Corinth and then Epidamnus give over the city to Corcyrians. - Corinth is clearly pissed so they start the process of reassembling the army, calling in more allies to come back and give it to Corcyrians. o The relative balance of
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