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Lecture 8

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Third Party Success  Unusual in states to have a successful third party, Canada is successful both federally and provincially  Support for NDP has been consistent and slowly spreading to nationally  Most successful third Party-NDP (merge of CLC and CCF)--socialist or social Democratic-- Socialism based on the principle of class struggle--that philosophy might be viable in Europe but not so in Canada, Liberal parties have been able to under cut the socialist appeal  Weakness of class consciousness in North America  Seeks support of the lower and middle class ± mass party  Formed in 1961, largest political convention held up to that point ± has consistently got 1/5th to 1/6th of the vote  Notable in Canada for what might be called the contagion effect  Ideas that were introduced by the NDP often adopted by the other parties and provinces in their platforms  Independent labour party, first on the scene for pushing through unemployment and old age insurance  Insisted on election finance legislation and the creation of a crown corporation in oil (Petro Canada)  On the forefront of pushing social housing and social support, welfare state  1990s--base of support may have been smaller than they other parties but was most stable, more than the other parties  Higher percentage of women supporting NDP now compared to before where more men supported--possibly because new issues such as abortion have taken the front page--women are more conservative and want to protect the family, more risk averse, whereas men are more radical in their decisions, right or left  NDP seen as the defender of socialist security  NDP more against military engagement than the other parties  NDP com
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