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A assembl of points on cold war realism

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Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

November 29 2010 Cold-War Realism N Cold war saw its origins in Europe in 1948 N Political and military lines had divided the European continent between affiliates of the United States and affiliates of the Soviet Union N After the Soviet invasion of Hungary there is a break in political stability since the US was a supporter of Hungarian revolution N Germany ended up divided between East and West; the Berlin wall soon followed and tension rose between the United States and the Soviets N Despite subtle, miniature confrontations, the war eventually reached a point of stalemate N The threat of nuclear weapons is a prospect so terrifying that war became an unlikely possibility due to the sheer consequences of what a nuclear conflict would mean for the world N Nuclear power became a deterrent to war instead of defence against it N Initially, the US had a monopoly over nuclear weapons (1949) N When they lost this monopoly, the nuclear race began N It got to the point that there were so many warheads that a scenario of mutually assured destruction occurred (1949-1968) N Initial strike capability was replaced in priority by second strike capability; the ability to take hits and respond afterward was key to nuclear strategy N Ironically, despite the constant threat of nuclear weapons, this situation, in realist terms was polit
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