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Lecture 1&2 Week 1

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Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

MonSept13, Wednesday Sept15 POL315 Capitalism, Identity Formation, Globalization Why Sexual Diversity Politics Matters? - Rights, equity - Relationship between rights claims around gender - About social relations - Politics is not just about laws; about broader social relationships and social equity - Has specic political relevance because what policies include and exclude affects how people see the other - Jeffrey Weeks- sexuality is intimately linked to moral and social anxiety and has been for at least a century - The most acute moral anxieties are about sexual roles and gender roles; tied to conceptions of the normalabnormal - Sexuality being a trigger for debates over morality, normalcy, social stability, family, etc. - The fact that steps have been taken to sympathize with moral conservatives (Can fed govt), this suggests that sexuality is still important - In other parts of the world, many of these issues have only begun to be asked about Analytical Basics Identity Politics - Sexual identity development of a sense of self shaped by ones pattern of sexual attractions to other people - Sexual identity also refers to the way you are seen by others - Emergence of a variety of identity
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