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Lecture 1

POL101: Democracy, War and Peace Lecture One Notes

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Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

 Hegel: german philosopher said history is understandable, theres a way that it unfolds. Theres a beginning, middle and an end.  Fukuyama said fall of berlin wall was the end of history. History of human consciousness  History of philosophy  Not kings, queens, presidents: they steal big ideas, big ideas  When you see a war, u see ppl dying but whats really happening is a clash of ideas Ideas and the organization of human society  Really big ideas are those that organize human society  Ancient societies  Medieval society  Liberal democratic state (us) Hegal and liberal state  Said that when napoleon came to attack Germany, it was the end of history. End of kings/queen as a liberal state comes. The ultimate idea has come, no more big ideas. Fukuyama  Hega was right but a bit off.  1806 is not the end, 1989 was.  Only one standing. Osamas idea is not very appealing, no genuine challenge.  Big challengers to libral demo had been defeated in realm of ideas (communism/fascism)- THE REAL REALM  Communism exists but not by beliefs, just by fear and not universal.  Christian, jewish, Islamic fundamentalism: yes they are there but they are not universal so their ideas are already lost. Not a fundamental challenge.  Great Britain was a small island, but it became powerful because of the ideas. Huntingtons argument  Fukuyama made his theory during the American triumph  Although many countries became democratic, some broke down and half of those never went back.  A more pessimistic view compared to
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