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POL 101 - Communism and Fascism

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

October 7, 2013 POL 101 Communism and Fascism th  Liberalism and its Crisis: ex. WW1. British established this in the 19 century, was the peak of liberalisms appeal  Hungary tried to copy this system and failed  You needed parliament, elections, constitutions  Liberal institiutions develop even where social bias isn’t present  These systems did not work because most people were poor and illiterate  Election were corrupt, same party voted in again and again  The franchise (right to vote) started with the working class, barriers (racial, gender etc.) were broken  Revolutionary systems became Evolutionary, socialism  Marx felt socialsm developed the means of  Marxists expected socialism to take root  Vladimir Lenin was a Russian revolutionary in socialism  Russia was still run by a king  The Czar would arrest his opponents, socialst parties had t be underground  Lenin said workers were only capable of “trade union consciousness”  Lenin thought wage increases were anti socialist  Lenin didn’t agree with Marx, Capitalism was necessary  The working class in Russia was a minority, it was not ideal for this revolution  High illiteracy rates and low percentage of people living in urban areas  Lenin says capitalism was developing at arapid rate in Russia  Stages of history could be ‘telescoped’, did not have to follow Marx exactly  Russia was unlike Germany which already had democratic elements  Revolutionaries work full time, it was a job meant to ‘change history’  In World War 1, Russian state is weak. Czar must resign and a makeshift government of mixed parties was in power, except Lenin  Stayed in the war as the were obligated to other Western countries  Lenin’s party eventually take power after Lenin agitates in Germany  Russia leaves the war; Negotiate with Germans over property  The world revolution failed to materialize  Civil war between communists and ‘Whites’ saw Communists win ad revolution fail  Lenin: Communism= Soviet power + electrification (economic modernization)  Marxists believ
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