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Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

Sept 122011Monday October 03 2011844 PMSept 13 2011 POL 101On the nature of politics man is by nature a political animalBig theme of classDemocracy dictatorship war and peaceLecture discussionThe point of social science to try to make sense of world we live inTo make prediction and make sense of this worldHow do we make sense of it by implying theoriesWe simplify Francis Fukiyamasummer 1989is the world becoming more democratic or dictatorshipCore issues of politics war peace and democracyBig questions of political scientistask themselvesHistory of human consciousnessThis world becoming more democratic and peaceNot kings queens presidents or celebrities all these group steal ideasbig ideasOr it is becoming more dictatorialor war likeWhen you see a war what you see is people dying but what happens out there is a clash of ideasWhy some countries are democracy Some war and some Industry economics religion practices are material manifestation but what is really going on is the idea peacethat inform those practices What the condition people are livingWhat is the general direction of the worldIdeas and organization of human societyEastern EU 1989 world change in more fundamental Really big ideas are those that organize human societyways Ancient society Plato Aristotle Hegel history of the world is the history of There are Medieval societykings and queens big ideas of their timethe philosophy What is really happening The relevant Liberal democratic states study big liberal thinkers more important stuff The way human and fundamentally was born irrelevantHegel and Liberal StateHegel and the battle of Jena victory of liberty equality and fraternityArgues that this is theend of historyCurrent politician steals idea No big ideas forthcoming that could challenge the big ideas What is more important is the internal manifestation of politics What is happening out there cause it is clashes of Do I need to know allideas The fundamental believe system that fight back So No theory helps us Too often the unyielding the intention of the narrowandthe rapidpreoccupation history is the history of human consciousness And it is all of the human mindthe ideas that form those practices We need to know what is essential and human consciousness and what represents the big ideas Hegel in 1806 FukuyamaPHD Political scientist and worked at the bank 1989What the soldiers represented Hegel was right but he was about offthere are no more challenges to big ideas The basic idea they were fighting was the Not 1806 but 1989 the 20 century had seen the big challenges liberal state That was victory And he believed Big chancellor to liberals democracy had been defeated in realm of ideasfascism that history is history of ideas Challenges A liberal democratic state emerge victorious Yes communism still there but outside of Cuba North Korea No body is welling to die or trade Huntington Powerless ideas End of historyView of victory Christian Jews Islamic fundamentalist they are there but they are not universal and therefore Communism died And followed the ideas of liberal not a real challengedemocracy Where this leave us general direction The idea of end of history has been seen as arrogant World we have it is not a perfect world and it is not a relevant world Fukuma he is writing at the end of cold war And writing at World of peace trade democracythe triumph moment for united states and writing about We have wars but they are not wars of big ideas The big ideas are the regime type Where there western crime and as his provisional view of the world is freedom of speech Not how much one is making on filing income tax there are not alternate if you are not liberal democracy Clash of civilization engage in global market economy in1989 you will be soon The art of history is trending in that directionIt is And examination of A pessimistic Rejoinderirresistible and inevitable and showing statistic that from Alternative world order19732010 third way of democratictransitionand Fukuyamaa narrow reading of world historyLiberal peace and prosperity are illusorynumber of democracy in the world increase from 40114 Inequalitythat is empirical evidence suggest that perhaps Fukuma is Contested citizenship rightRacist policy in the worldpost 911 immigration policySamuel Huntington developed reaction to fukumawhat Exclusionhow can we talk about peace and prosperity if we live in the world of exclusion is the world going to look like when the war is over but he is reacting to FukumaHuntington argues it is about Civilization lines19742010 there are 53 democracy fell apart A universal civilization can only be the product of the universal powerEnd of history can only be We are not going to fight about ideas but very essence of end of history if there is going to be a universal liberal power peopleA civilization is thus the highest cultural grouping of people and the broadestlevel of culture World is becoming more liberal democraticidentity people have short of that which distinguishes human from other species It is about common elements such aslanguage history religion or ethnic solution and by the subject self Who are we as peopleidentification of people That is where we touch the idea of dignity Who are we Huntingtonbook is about immigration policy in the united states Fukuma Religion communal touch raceas long as they exist for Huntington there is clashes World history is shaped by cold warWhy clashesAccording to Huntingtonfor Fukuma the end of history is Differenceconflictin the west InterestsconflictsFor fukuma is not the end of history in the west but end of Kinshipconflictshistory in the world and means no more rivalries The west and the rest A universal stabilization is only the product of liberalization Fundamental differences powerThere is no universal power Huntington we are not going to fight about ideas but very The west have won over the restThe west versus the restHuntington essence of people FukumaThere are new units that they got world order It is not about china versus the United states We are beyond issues they care What matters is the A moral alternativea declaration may be upon us however what should institute our eve constant civilization use of is the moreNote book to read about this The Future of History Francis Fukuyama vs Samuel P Huntington POL 101 Page 1 Sept 19th 2011September1911944 AMConstant and the Riser of LiberalismConstant Articulate a view most brought today In such a way he puts things together he may not considerSwiss born French Intellectual fervent politician lived in the french revolutionover thrown of people in the name of people and all revolution we see are seen through the lens of french revolutionIf we are not to be ruled by king and queen and how And he question how should free people govern themselvesFor constant thisprovoked stop taking How deep we live the conception by beforethose events and how should we compare the we should live today What is freedom better defined as Freedom from dictator and ruler or freedom to do stuff Freedom characterized best as freedom to do things than from being prevented fromWhat constant tell us is a modern conception of freedom from not freedom to Essence modern confession fromModel rejected Model of ancientLiberty of Ancient 1They used liberty freedomwhat they meant by it People had thought of freedom before but were they thinking the same thingThey had a conception of what it meant to be a human being and it was to participate in legislation public lifeWere people thinking the same thingTo be a full human being was to participateYou want to be great part what it meant to be citizenIt was direct as citizen there wasnt any representativeConstantsaw the ancient liberty not as pride liberty as individual liberty but as freedom of collective Not that your community be dominated Is Athens free or is Sparta free Not individual notionexample Ukraine under control of Russia Participatory2in that in a way goes with this notion of direct participatory citizenship in public lifeYou view the acollective as having a kind of personality of the individual So therefore freedom of community means self government Example Greece is free Means Greeks govern GreeceThe question is do they govern themselvesGreeks say doesnt matter what type of government they have but it is important they are ruled bby their own people To be a citizen you have to participate all the time according to GreekscConstant says the modern rejects all these This was a conception of freedom of ancient time dWhat is modern conception of freedom eFundamental essence of freedom is freedom from chains from imprisonment from ienslavement from others Isaiah Berlintwo concept of libertyDirect3Public not private liberty4Freedom of community and selfgovernment 5Dependent upon a class of people who didnt engage in commerce or even work freedom as collective 6not individual notion When we think of freedom we think of 7Legal protection as individualLimited governmentlimited by law by kinds of things they can do Example government cannot throw you into jails without discussionFreedom is individual rather than communalAs opposed to commerce being excluded from public spherecommerce is the core of public sphereEven we talk about war we are thinking about commerce if it is good or bad for business be very worry of any decree claiming to achieve the reconciliation of liberty and equality It is either a lie or a tyranny Berlin the Hedgehog and the FoxFreedom meant we have standard living Berlin said that you cannot reconcile and liberty together He said socialist is not possible as liberty andPOL 101 Page 2
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