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Security: Old and New, March 10th Lecture

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Political Science
Joseph Wong

March 10, 2014 Security: Old and New 3 Threats - 19 century realism - Cold War realism and short 20 century – end of Cold War threat switches: - Assymetric threats (terrorism) and the rise of new powers – not so much from states, non- state actors, new states The Long 19 Century - Multi-polarity – end of Napoleonic wars til WWI- 1945 – multiple states equal political/military, compete on same footing, technology/economy same - The rise of mass politics and nationalism - Age of high diplomacy 1815, “containment” (becomes dangerous, you seal it off, court It off, contain it) - Clausewitz: object of war is political. War is political by other means. Go to war to alter, to reserve some political end – just or unjust end. - Defense vs. deterrence - Cult of the offensive – perceived object war destroy enemy before destroy you, made for especially dangerous situation The Short 20 century - Age of extremes. - 1918 – collapse berlin wall - Ideology and globe as zero sum game – any game for one side seen as loss for the other - Rise nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction – game changer, took world of defense to world of deterrence, world of which military war fighting terms - Nuclear doctrine and game theory (prisoner’s dilemma). The Cuban missile crisis (communist Rev’n) - Gave rise to economic theory to nuclear weapons, most common theory “prisoner’s dilemma” - Prisoners dilemma – two prisoners,
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