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pol101 18november 2013

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Political Science
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Robert Brym

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Politics 18 november 2013. The rise of great powers: international relations theory, uncertain realities and the rise of china. ● Democracies don't go to war with each other: ○ They are allies ○ they have same ideologies. ○ they are too slow, it take a long time to mobilize for war. ● Politics and pursuit of political science is a uncertain endeavour. they suck are predicting: e.g. arab spring end of cold war etc. ● How and why countries behave in ways in which they do. ○ with the exception of the democratic peace theory we have no good theories to explain this unpredictable phenomenon. ● They are 800 -1500 missiles pointed towards taiwan. ○ they are economically stable. ○ they are allies with US. ○ they are on the east coast of china. ○ taiwan is strategically important to US. use it as a plane land for stuff in asia, ○ its called taiwan republic of china: communist china was not recognized, rather they were considered a legitimate government in china. ○ De jure Chinese province: the americans decided to be a little closers, we ll be friends with china this put taiwan in problem it was no longer a nation state, So now taiwan is a province of china. ○ De facto independent state :in many ways it operates as a country but formally its not. ○ 1996 missile crisis. send a few missiles on the footsteps of taiwan to show that they are watching them. ○ 2005 Anti secession Law: If any chinese province trys to declare independent the chinese government will launch an attack to prevent this from happening. ○ 2010 Arms procurement Bill : So taiwan decided to buy arms and ammunitions. ● China's rise like Germany's rise will have an impact on the whole international system. ● China is now a economic power. ● What we now about China: ● Hard power: ○ China had hard time defending borders in the past, BUT NOW: ○ Active military personnel- 1.5:1 (PRC:US) ○ They have there own aircraft carries. ○ It standing military is bigger ○ in land based weapons (1 : 1) ○ in terms of naval ships ( 1:2) they are far behind. ○ Defense spending : -- 1 : 8 thats because US spends a lot. ○ Available military personnel- 5 : 1 ● SOFT POWER: ○ Growing massive amounts of investments in the world. 2004 - 4.4 billion dollars. particular area of energy , lead to investments in canada. 2009 Chinese investments in canada were 10 billions. ○ Pursuit of energy security ○ Beijing Consensus. it mattered that washington dc was your friend, you wanted to be like Americans, the rise of beijing consensus however is a alternative model that enriches political authoritarianism. ○ chinese soft power is in the RISE. ● AMERICAN DECLINE: ○ CHINA's mix of economic engagement and soft power has spurred some fears that western influence in developing regions will thereby be diminishes.. Many Americans in particular are concerned about loosing strategic influence in Asia. ○ IN the past america was the most important soft power. Americans we very popular in Asia. But now it doesn't matter! Obama policy : pivot back to asia- show up our influence. the response was stalking. ○ Their is a rapid shift of power and influence FROM US TO CHINA. - George Soros,2010. ● Canadian Attitudes: ○ Economic opportunity - 43% ○ Military threat- 60% ○ Greater influence than US: -66%. ● The International SYSTEM: ○ Sovereignty- Treat of Westphalia. - states respects the borders. it is also internally constituted- the government has the powers to tax, arrest defend etc etc ○ Power and the distribution of power: the power to influence other weather you do it with economic ways or whatever. I can make you richer! The stick- where you use threat ' i will destroy you'. What really matters is the distribution of power. this is very uneven. on one hand we have equality but we have inherently unequally
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