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Lecture 6

POL318 Lecture 6

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Political Science
Steven Clarkson

Lec#6 Uncle Sam & US Ch. 4 “ Nafta and the WTO as Supraconstitution” (Isabel) Summary of article • Supraconstitutional principle – Control over government without being actually incorporated into the national constitution • Any bilateral/ multilateral agreement implies internalization { State’s domestic laws are harmonized with the norms of the accord} CUFTA , NAFTA, GATT, WTO etc. All have internalization requirements. • CUFTA and NAFTA are based on neoconservative ideology. Therefore its goal: Liberalizing markets from political control and preventing future governments from reversing these policies { in Canada this consequentially reversed 20 years on National [interventionist] policies + tied the hands of future governments behind their backs} ↘ IE. Tariff reduction + prohibiting control over exports and imports are two supraconstitutional elements of NAFTA {or any other trade treaty} CANADA under NAFTA and WTO • Nafta and WTO are very much the same—both apply to corporations and have nearly identical rules. except for: • WTO [powerful judiciary] is has more symmetrical balance of power with norms applying more authoritatively to all its members, including the US. • NAFTA [weak judiciary] su
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