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Modern Democracy

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Political Science
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Jeffrey Kopstein

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Democracy: Institutions (Lecture 4) -Marx felt that reality is the reality of exploitation -Democracy is a method for choosing leaders. Universal franchise, secret ballot, majoritarianism. -Democracy is possible even if everyone is poor, as long as everyone has an equal amount of rights -emerges out of different pre-democratic contexts -democracies evolve out of almost any society -poor countries can be democracies but often dont stay democracies; rich countries most likely to succeed -But, there are different kinds of democratic political institutions, different ways of organizing democratic government. These have profound implications for how government is carried out, how social interests are channelled into politics, what political competitions looks like, what kind of parties you get, what the flow of legislation is etc. Parliamentary vs. Presidential Systems Britain U.S Ancient Modern constitution Constitution Not written constitution Written constitution greatest democracy in the Enumerated rights history of continuity, 600 years rules of the game are clearly articulated 1. Significant acts of parliament this document is pure human and documents design 2. Custom institutions are product of 3. Important interpretations of human design rather than law (Dicey) evolution Importance of common law,
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