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POL103 LEC 6

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Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

POL103LEC 06 November 3, 2009 Comparison Presidential v. Parliamentary Systems Obvious points of comparison; In a presidential system, one of its most distinctive features is the fusion between head of state and head of governmentPresident. The idea here is that the head of government is also the head of state because it is more democratic that way, so goes the argument. Because if youre going to elect the most powerful person in the country then why should that person not only embody the head of all the beuartocartic body. By fusing those two ideas, you democratize it because the head of those beaurocratic and mere policy making functions is the function of government. In this system, the one we elect to make and execute those policies is one in the same person as the head of state. What are the different functions between head of state and head of government? Head of state- think of representing us abroad, state dinners, standing in for all citizens, not just those who elected, integrative functions that we dont necessarily need or want the head of government to perform. It shows the sympathy of all of us. Head of Government- Managing function, ex. loans, shelters, food. Under a
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