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lec 9

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

Cold War Realism 29112010 lecture 9 Exam: MC(cove everything)+essay(cover lec 8, lec 9, and lec 10) Cold war: Origins 1948 Europe 1950s, Europe divided by military lines, End of WW2 Hungary 1956 Division of Europe Hungary decides not to be a part of Soviet Union anymore. The American encourages Hungary to revolt. 1960s The test is the American are not willing to start WW3. there are great issues in united state at that time. Berlin is divided by soviet union and u.s, u.k. Wall, to prevent east Germany to escape. Soviet union occupy east Berlin, Cold war: from confrontation to stalemate z Nuclear weapons, weapon of a new kind? z Difference between deterrence and defense: what are nuclear weapons good for? z US Monopoly 1945-1949, only US has Nuclear weapons z US Superiority 1949-1968: Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD). z Parity 1968-1991, they are standing against each other Nuclear Capacity United States Korean War, Vietnam War, all these wars are inc
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