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March 7 2011

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Political Science
Nelson Wiseman

MARCH 7TH 2011 POL 356 Atlantic Canadian Party Politics • will also do some regional parties/cultures continued -Questions from last weeks lecture for test : what are ways of telling if political parties are integrated or confederal?(relation between federal / provincial parties), received images we have of politics in provinces (traditionalism/conservatism in atlantic canada, prairies identified with protest and protest parties, BC entertainment quality to them, Quebec nationalist) 1. 5 Immigrant Waves 2. Provincial Metaphorical Images 3. Party Politics in Atlantic Canada • last week, get sense that politics driven in different ways in different parts of country, different tone to politics in different provinces. Book-Canadian provincial politics by martin robin, Sask. parties in a politically competitive province, AB-politics of consensus, NS- tradition and conservatism, BC-Company province, NB-politics of fragmentism, MB-ethinc and class politics, ON-dominant province, • these images in many provincial books, Executive Styles in Canada. • regional cultures and in party names different. titles of newspapers. kingston paper used to be called British Whig, would never happen in quebec. Winnipeg Free Press(liberal idea), the victoria colonist. party politics in provinces have turned out the way they have because of people who have • immigrated there. • IMMIGRANT WAVES BY PERIOD, REGION, ORIENTATION,AND RELATION TO PARTY Immigrant Wave PERIOD REGION ORIENTATIO PARTY N Conserv, Quasi- 1. Canadiens to 1760 Quebec/Acadia Unione (from france) Feudalism nationale 2. Loyalist(from 1780s Maritimes/ontario tory touched Conservative US) liberals 3. Early Modern 1815-51 Ontario Reform Liberalism Liberal (from Britain) 4. Modern 1890s to West, some in a)Labour Socialista)CCF-NDP a)Britain 1920 Ontario/Mtrl. not b)Populist Libsb) UFA- SC- b)US farmers like other c)Deferential, notReform backbone to any c) commie party, c)E/Cen Europe groups, party some NDP Immigrant Wave PERIOD REGION ORIENTATIO PARTY N metro canada, ie. -interest in individual 5. Global Wave after 1945 equality rights, stress (rest of the world) Toronto/Montreal/Vam/c background, are ncouver they base of any party? Provincial Metaphorical Images NFLD origins/influenced from Ireland and west country england, MARITIMES Canada’s New England, QUEBEC New France, but reflecting what we think of Old France/Monarchic/Absolutist/ Catholic France ONTARIO America’s Counter revolution (loyalist influence) MANITOBA ontario of the prairies, 20thC, every premiere til 1969 was born in or of ontario parenthood. SASK prairies britain, modern socialist brits with labor parties/CCF ALB Prairies America, pervasive influence of US ideas ie. co
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