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Electoral System and Parties

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Political Science
Nelson Wiseman

Monday, January 10, 2011 The Electoral System and Parties 1. BUILDING BLOCKS OF THE ELECTORAL SYSTEM 2. COURTS, PARTIESAND THE ELECTORAL SYSTEM 3. THE ELECTORAL SYSTEMAND THE PARTY SYSTEM last term evolution of party system etc, this term issues related to parties like fundingvoting electoralleadersmembers and focus on regionalprovincial party politics. provinces started to look at changing electoral system but havent born any fruit john courtney building blocks of electoral system, 5 of them courts and const have impacted electoral system. then we look at method of election and how it influences party systemtypes of parties and how they behave method of election what usually comes to mind, MMP or FPTP or SMP, alternative vote, single transferable, Courtney wants to look at electoral system more broadly 1. BUILDING BLOCKS OF THE ELECTORAL SYSTEM 5 Building blocks: a) franchise, who has right to vote b) drawing boundaries c) registering voters d) administering election, who runs it, is it neutral fair and nonpartisan e) functions of elections method elections aggravate voices, give representation to different voices.opinions in society, permit opinions to be expressed. if done well contributes to legitimacy of governing system. important in tying ppl to regimestate. provides us with rulers-winners and losers and indication of what policies will be implemented 1. Franchise: only about 15% could vote at beg
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