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Political Science
Donald Schwartz

Ethnonational Policy 1 Societies vary in their approaches to this idea o Some work toward ridding themselves of the diversity in order to establish the state o On the other hand some states address diversity as an integral part of their identity 2 Asymmetries in the balance of power inamongst ethnonational communities3 Degree to which the identity of community is ethnocentrically defined high intense relatively low etca To what extent is ethnicity used as a basis for structuring the state and political economic and social decisionmakingCivic vs Ethnic NationalismDistinction made by scholars for purposes of encapsulating the extent to which membership in the ycommunitystate is exclusive or inclusiveCivic nationalismyo Comes out of constructivistmodernist appraoch o Pluralism and voluntary assimilation into larger identityo Recognizes cultural identity but emphasizes universal citizenship without regard to ethnic backgroundo Emphasizes that nations are relatively modern and are constructed out of active intervention of several agentsStates are highly malleable permeable and associated with language loyalty yacceptance of certain institutions and lifestyles but it is highly tolerant in so f
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