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A assembl of points on nationalism covered in lecture

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

Semester 2 Lecture 2: Nationalism and Conflict N A basic definition of nationalism would be the ideology attached to a specific nation. The nation being a group of people with a common culture, religion, ethnicity, or political allegiance. N Traditional arguments support the idea that nationalism is the product of the nation. However, we find that the reverse is actually true: nationalism leads to the creation of a nation. N Nationalism manifests itself as the love of state, which in turn leads to the creation of state embodying the spirit of the nation it represents N States appearing under these circumstance only ever occurs in the modern context N Historically, monarchs of European states did not necessarily share the same nationality as their people. N Along with industrialization came the need to universalize culture. N Nations created governments for themselves as a means to standardize culture and political allegiance. N Despite common belief, national identity is usually manufactured by certain similarities between members of a community. Once a national government is formed, then we have the integration of people into the state based on their cultural ideas and their political allegiance towards the state[s high culture. N Minority cultures within a superculture end up being at a systematic disadvantage due to
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