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Note on Peacekeeping

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Janice Stein

Date: November 23,2009 MAINTAINING ORDER AND RESOLVING CONFLICT: The Dilemmas of Peacekeeping PEACEKEEPING: BACKGROUND AND HISTORY First UN Peacekeepers established by the Security Council in 1948 to supervise the Arab-Israeli truce. THE UNITED NATIONS AS A COLLECTIVE SECURITY ORGANIZATION The United Nations Charter gives direct responsibility for maintaining peace and security to the Security Council. PREVENTIVE DIPLOMACY and PEACEKEEPING PREVENTIVE DIPLOMACY = the attempt, through diplomatic instruments, to prevent the use of deadly force by one group against another. PEACEKEEPING = the deployment of international military and civilian personnel, usually but not always under the auspices of the United Nations, to a conflict area, with the consent of the parties to a conflict, in order to: Stop or contain hostilities, andor Supervise the carrying out of the peacekeeping agreement. PEACE ENFORCEMENT = the deployment of military force, under chapter VII of the United Nations charter, to punish an aggressor. The aggressor is determined by the Security Council of the United Nations. PEACEBUILDING = the use of a broad array of political, economic and judicial resources to assist societies to recover from violence and to put in place the critical building blocks so that societies can begin to move forward on their own. PURPOSE OF CLASSIC PEACEKEEPING 1. THE TRANSITIION FROM EMPIRE to assist in earlier decolonization after World War II
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