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Democratic Institutions - Lecuter 4

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Political Science
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Monday October 4 2010 Lecture 4Democratic Institutionsy The reality that you think you see is not the real reality the real reality is the exploitation thats what marks said y Democracy is a method for choosing leaders Universal franchise secret ballot majoritarianism y Emerges out of different predemocratic contexteg Dictatorship and all other societies y Different ways of organizing democratic governmentHow government is carried outHow social interests are channelled into politicsWhat political competition looks likeWhat the flow of legislations Parliamentary VS Presidential SystemsConstitutions rules of the game Britain vs the USAncient vs Modern constitutionalism when the ancient spoke of constitution they meant the way politics is actually placed he said Greece constitution of certain way it was a set of practises Modern constitutionalism was based on intelligent people sitting in a room and trying to find out the best way to rule the country Great BritainSo it doesnt really exist y Britain never had a written constitutiony Unwritten constitution History of continuity y 1 Significant acts of parliament and documents y 2 Custom how often is there an election 5 years y 3 Important interpretations of lawy Importance of common law judicial precedent and interpretation yLaw evolves through the system constantly eg the Prostitution law y Institutions are the product ofslow and gradual evolutionUnited States y Has a written documenty Enumerated rights detailed
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