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The end of the Nation State

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Political Science
Michael Painter- Main

Lecture 20 March 21The end of the Nation State Beyond Nationalism The TheoryNationalism is a product of industrial society recap Nationalism did not exist before the modern world a given territory need to have a governemnet and needed to share a common culture and existed in the last 250 years The rise of industrial society makes this as a necisity Thats the point of lectureHowever the implication of that is that if nationalism is the product of industrial modernity but what will happen if the industrial modernity passes the age of nationalism passes Does therefore the passing of industrial society into postindustrial society mean that we are moving to a new postnational era What would that meanPrimary allegiance shift from nationstate to something above that Why does it pass from one to the other Case Study European UnionWhat makes EUincredible for the first half of the century and 2 previous century ago it was a battle zone it consisted of battles where powerfull states were rising for dominationSo a Federation was required to prevent this from happening How to pre
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