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Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

How the Rest got Rich Political Economics 101 ... capitalism and bureaucracy have found each other and belong intimately together. Max Weber, 1911 Recap: Kopstein: Weber-> Protestant Ethic lead to a profound rationalism (time is money) and was thus converted from the realm of belief to that of an accepted norm. Time in the fields to be devoted to serving God essentially became that of time spent serving Capitalism (the spirit of Capitalism). Joseph Wong: Part I Introduction to Political Economics: -Wealth now-a-days can be seen as less about people and more about the systems which govern them. -Example. Hong Kong: one of the freest economies in the world Its main exports services are: 1. Tourism 2. Business Service: a) Finance b) Banking c) Land Acquisition, development and appraisal d) Stocks e) Legal Services f) Logistics: shipping of goods, docking of ships and unloading at ports, and transporting the goods -Logistics is Hong Kongs comparative advantage over other countries; this means that Hong Kong does this better than any other country can. Therefore, many people demand their service and facilities.
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